03 – jl777: Solving problems

From a conversation in Komodo Discord

Sikaffy27 – Where did you learn to program ?

jl777 – On the computer. Though in the beginning I had to use paper and pencil to draw out how things connected to each other, but over the years I found it much faster just to write the code directly.

I mostly now just copy and paste working methods from the past and just morph it a bit. Well, when I say copy, I mean recall how I solved a similar problem, and write the customized code for the current problem at hand. No need to waste time looking through millions of lines of old code.

The hard part is to simplify a bigger problem into two or more simpler problems. Keep doing that until one of the problems is similar to something you solved before. Morph a solution for that and the entire problem is now one simple sub-problem simpler. Keep doing that until there are no problems left.

It seems to work effectively in most all cases. But sometimes, I need to take a step back and just refactor the entire thing, if it evolved into too messy of a thing to be easy to maintain.

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