02 – Scaling: multiple chains

From a conversation in Komodo Slack

      These were 1024 independent chains and we have seen that there are no problems with blockchains, even if they have full 2MB blocks

Our logic is that instead of sharding one giant chain into many shards, [we] just keep the chains independent. In order to do cross chain contracts, we use notarized nested Merkle roots. So most people would just use the few chains they care about and if needed to a cross chain transfer.

All the data doesn’t need to reach all the nodes. Each chain still is decentralized as each user who uses a chain needs to have that specific chain.

The key that makes this all possible is the dPoW notarization which we are doing anyway to add security to the weak chains. We add MoM and MoMoM data to the notarizations, which in turn allows creations of cross-chain tx proofs (similar to SPV proof)


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