06 – jl777: Maximalism

Old quote from jl777

      I cant see any single currency being the only currency, that is just not natural. For every category, there will of course be the market leader, but there will usually be the number 2, 3, 4 and 5. All of them trying to climb up the ladder. The further down the ladder you go, the smaller it will get, but we will also see local currencies that are big fish in the small ponds.

I think it will be more like the stock market than forex. The reason is that it used to take a nation state to create a viable new currency. Now, quite a bit less resources. So we will see many more, but the market only needs so many. While technically there will be thousands of currencies, the ones that thrive will be approx “Number of categories * 7”.

I view crypto as a form of wealth, like fiat, gold, etc. I am working on a way to convert from any crypto to any other crypto, so it wont really be so apparent to the user which one they have, it would probably even be displayed in terms of fiat


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