13 – jl777: Blockchain Competition

Quote by jl777

      BTC won’t go away neither will ETH, but why the thinking that they have to be dead? The spread of grass fields doesn’t make all the trees go extinct. Crypto is very diverse and there will be millions of blockchains.
MSFT has thrown countless dollars to create Win10 vs Unix which is developed with much smaller budget. Yet both are still here. Open source projects are not commercial enterprises. Throwing money at development only gets you so far.
The reason KMD will survive and thrive long term is that people don’t like to pay fees if they dont have to. All these projects that try to lock people in to paying fees to create “value”, but in open source that just creates future migration. That doesn’t mean Unix will not succeed, not that Windows won’t. All viable crypto projects will survive to some extent, especially ones that reach critical mass, like BTC and ETH.
But BTC and ETH don’t have to fail for KMD to succeed. In fact we leverage BTC hashrate to gain security, why would we want BTC to go away?


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