14 – SmartContracts: Poker & Games

From a conversation in Komodo Discord:

…what we havent released yet, but have announced are coin specific CC eval functions that allow to blockchain enforce any (and by any, I mean any) boolean evaluator. This might sound not so much, but when you can run native code to evaluate to a boolean, you can do things like evalpokerhand(op-return data of pokerhand, payoutvector).

Then given a poker hand (signed in realtime) you can approve a blockchain payout of a pokerhand, blockchain enforced and not needing any multiple signers.

The burn protocol was able to be implemented so quickly due to the fact that solving realtime poker being blockchain enforced has been the overall goal, with the assumption that most other decentralization problems will be easier to solve and likely some variation of a subset of the realtime poker solution.

So we can have a bunch of game specific chains, what to call them? Is there a single name for chains with a boolean eval function, or do we name each subset of chains that have something in common (card games, casino games, multiplayer games)?

This i leave to marketing to solve, it will be enough work to get all this tech working without having to worry about the perfect way to name it


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