17 – Scaling: Q&A on Telegram

Discussion on Telegram of Komodo’s scaling and marketing with jl777. Thanks to Regnar for saving and editing this Q&A

Michael – I think my point lead to, well is Komodo marketing this information well? If KMD is really better than many projects out there it needs to be marketed as such. Maybe development is not fully there yet. I think marketing should develop a quick and easy way to explain this so the community can start sharing it when someone brags about sharding when it’s not even implemented yet

jl777 – We don’t talk about things that won’t be done for years, if ever. We talk about the tech that is in testing. How long testing, debug cycle will take, not sure. We won’t release it until it is ready, but considering our pace of development it seems KMD will reach the finish line first for actual secured crypto transactions scaling.

jl777 – Marketing is still catching up to development to market what is already done. Why should they be marketing tech that isn’t completed testing yet? Since notarization to BTC is required to implement our method of scaling, it seems there is nobody else close to doing this yet. And there is no reason to shard one big giant chain, if everything is automatically segregated in their own chain. Anti-sharding maybe?
Our tech creates one giant meta chain out of a cluster of chains, so instead of sharding one giant chain into many shards (and then having the issue of how to secure the shards, how to cross communicate, etc.) with the issue of how things will be sharded on top. We just secure all the independent chains via dPoW to get BTC security for all the independent chains and use KMD to generate proofs (similar to SPV) for cross chain contracts.
Why should every node keep track of what all other contracts are doing, that would quickly create a TB+ sized chain and become impractical for all but large data centers. Also remember that solving scaling without security is nonsensical, might as well use a DB and have a website server to coordinate all transactions. It is a lot of infrastructure to setup thousands of chains, but how else to get millions of TX per second? Certainly if you skip the decentralization part, or the security part (or both), it becomes quite easy to achieve.
KMD’s scaling builds on bitcoin codebase that is proven tech, every dev crypto is familiar with how the bitcoin protocol works (at least to some extent) and as long as the bitcoin protocol is working, KMD scaling will work, with the only new tech being the cross chain contracts support. Which uses SPV based method, which is also something in Satoshi’s original whitepaper, so not exactly unproven risky tech. What is unique is that KMD combines all these things into a single ecosystem. Unlimited scaling secured by BTC and all of it is enabled due to the BTC we raised during the ICO to pay for notarization fees. Other coins are starting to see the advantage. The Marketing message of KMD is gradually permeating crypto, like the rising tide, instead of some temporary large wave from a pump and dump.

Michael – Thank you for sharing these comment. Now this should be summarized in a marketing doc for the community to share. Let’s share what KMD can do now. I made all my comments above because every crypto Facebook group is sharing how ETH will eventually achieve 1mil TX/s. Well KMD is saying 800k has been tested and maintained for 10 mins. The comments about disadvantages to sharding is another great point that should be in an easily shared marketing document.

jl777 – The scaling chains are independent chains using the same cluster id, as an independent chain they need their own mining nodes and we have scripts to spawn a bunch of chains automatic, including the explorers. Of course without a lot of hashrate (like any other chain without a lot of hashrate), the security of these chains would come from the dPoW notarization process and compared to BTC very few chains have a significant hashrate.
The recent spate of 51% attacks have given a hint (tip of iceberg) of what could easily happen. but don’t get carried away with the powers of dPoW, nothing is 100% secure from all attacks. nothing, not even dPoW. That being said, a blockchain with dPoW vs without would be like comparing a website with 2FA vs the same website without. Clearly having 2FA is more secure than not having it, even if 2FA doesn’t protect against all attacks.
I keep hearing people dissatisfied with KMD marketing and maybe it is progressing slower than people would like. If that is the case, use the social media to spread the word about KMD. Centrally buying social media exposure kind of defeats the purpose of it, doesn’t it? If something isn’t good enough to go viral on its own merits, then maybe we need to keep improving it. In any case, I don’t even have any social media accounts, I have no experience with it. Don’t look to me to do any of it. KMD is an open ecosystem, anybody can immediately become a key contributor.

Yorklab -“Unlimited scaling secured by BTC” in a nutshell.

jl777 – And unlike all the other coins trying to replace BTC, we accept it is the most secure and likely will be for the foreseeable future, so why not to recycle all its electricity? One coin using 0.5% of all electricity seems maybe a bit extreme, but if that same electricity is securing an entire ecosystem of thousands (or eventually millions of chains) then it seems not so wasteful at all; And I think a lot of coins make the assumption that they already replaced BTC, so they must be as secure as it is? something like that, but along the way until they actually become the hashrate king, they aren’t.

Michael – But it’s KMDs job to help develop the material that is accurate to what’s developed now? We are not experts and we don’t want the community making incorrect statements. Provide us with easy material to share. Right?

Yorklab – They have team members in the process of doing that now.

jl777 – Yes, this work is ongoing. Did you see the atomic swap trains? Triply nested cryptographic proofs are a bit more difficult to make simple to understand than atomic swaps. Yes, believe it or not atomic swaps have become the simpler tech compared to the scaling and we all know how wonderfully, not-simple utxos are.

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