23 – jl777: Miscellaneous Quotes

Most are from 2014-15

“I am just a simple C programmer”

“Crypto needs to work together without reinventing stuff that already exists. Fiat is the enemy, not other crypto”

“If I am awake, I am usually working 16 to 20 hrs per day, but I do take the occasional day off. It is a marathon and the coding is advancing like it always does. Most people are just so impatient and have no idea what is required and make judgements based on superficial things”

“In the long term crypto will be an invisible thing to 99% of people”

“Over the next decade the sequence of financial confiscations (indirect and direct) will push more and more people into crypto. So that will be the one user visible aspect about crypto, the fact that each person has full control of their own money”

“The goal is not only the crypto trading market, but beyond crypto, to bring in traditional fiat activities into crypto”

“It seems pretty clear to me that anything that solves the crypto scalability problem as the above will do, will generate significant value. But do not worry about any new IPO to raise thousands of BTC, there won’t be, especially as there is no need to. Daily latte’s just dont cost that much”

“I started out with 2 Bitcoins that I had a hard time getting. Finally had to by it via localbitcoins and paying $100 premium. That seemed wrong! I stumbled into Ripple and at the time (not knowing any better) it seemed like a big improvement over BTC. Actually, it probably is but it has a fatal flaw. The community there is half a dozen guys and a bunch of corporate forum moderators who don’t tolerate anything anti-ripple. Just mentioning NXT got me reprimanded. Seeing the huge spreads, low liquidity, buggy software and corporatization I predicted ripple would not last long, or at least it would fizzle”

“Well I have proven that I am no genius, I just work really hard”

“I have only been doing crypto for 2 years [said in 2015], before that I was coding my own real time Forex trading system using SVM predictors”

“The zero-sum dog-eat-dog competitive world is probably needed in mature fiat world, but it has no place in crypto. We need to join together to create a giant Supernetwork that will be a magnet to pull as much fiat into crypto as possible”

“I really don’t want [it] to be about me. I am just starting it; the community is forming it. so let’s not encourage the “hero worship” stuff. I am no hero. I am just a simple C programmer”

“My goal is to get obsolete within 6 months. It might take longer, depends on how quickly we can staff up. So the investors must risk their money on my not being disappeared. This is why I am anon, there are both legal and extra legal pressures that can be applied to a known person. I prefer to protect myself and the investors with anon status and to be very careful around buses. In any case, I know that investors money is very important, but keep in mind in these scenarios I am most likely dead, so this is a much bigger problem for me than a 6 month delay” [2015]

“I plan on not getting killed for at least 6 months. Let us accept that if I am “disappeared”, this will be a setback to the project. However, with “worst case” risk of 20% and the source being open and my copious postings, I am sure within 6 months all my projects will be on track, so the tech risk of me being gone is a six month delay. I will not speculate on the impact of theoretical competition during my theoretical disappearance. I have found it pointless to combine hypotheticals when planning for the unlikely event and the unknowable nature. I hope that is ok” [2015]

“Remember that anybody can make any sort of crazy claim against me. I don’t have time to spend refuting all the silly FUD. For a while I was supposed to be some sort of pump and dumper, but it is hard to make any claim like that stick when I am not pumping nor am I dumping. I just keep coding and know that it is just a matter of time before the market catches up to what I am building.”

“I do not divulge my voices for security reasons. I also need to maintain the possibility that I am AI and have no physical form”

“By the end of this decade, money will be viewed quite a bit differently than now by the mainstream. We are just at the beginning of the transformation process. Decentralization is the key to a lot more safety. However, crypto is not ready for the mass market yet, we are still working out all the kinks. In a few years though, the crypto solution will be quite easy to use for everyone and the safest way to deal with money. when the banks are holding your money and the govt says withdrawals are not allowed anymore unless it is less than $50/day, then people will realize just how safe their money in the bank is.”

“…people don’t invest a lot in something they don’t understand, so it is easier to invest in “clone of something that got a big marketcap” or simply put money into any major new project as more than a quarter of them will do more than 4x, so it seems relatively good ROI. My goal is not to make some pump type of thing, but rather to solve the scalability and mass market adoption issues.”

“The cause we are fighting for is not to make some few extra BTC, it is to create a new world where money is freely usable and by extension we all have the freedom to pursue our life without some govt telling us what we can do, watch, behave, etc.”

“It is quite clear to me that if something isnt done to make some form of electronic cash out of crypto soon, the world will lose the ability to make cash transactions. This would be a disaster of unthinkable proportions to human freedom. Imagine if every purchase you make has to be approved by some govt official! Control the money, you control the people. Cash is no longer “legal tender for all debts public or private”, in fact you can’t use cash for a lot of things, especially any large purchases. Everyone is forced to use the fully trackable credit cards and with Bitcoin a transparent protocol, according to senate hearing testimony by govt officials, it is quite a danger to us all. This is why I am working so hard on some new tech that will allow Bitcoin to go dark. I feel the world is at a crossroads and feel urgent need to recreate something that can be used as cash in today’s world.”

“…my goal is to make all crypto much more powerful. I do not believe in zero sum game many play. When market is growing exponentially, everyone can win, of course some will win more than others”

“I am sad to see the majority of crypto being isolated in their own island and viewing all other crypto as somehow competition. This is crazy! The competition is fiat. We need to create a giant transfer of fiat into crypto”

“All this squabbling between coins makes us look like little children to the fiat money guys and until we can make a professional behavior standard and expected, crypto will remain niche”

“This is a marathon. Any change as big as changing how money is done, this is not any 6 month process. Even 6 years is a short time frame, but due to the rapid evolution of tech, 6 years could well be enough time. If you look at banks, you see fancy buildings built on people’s money. Not to mention the fancy offices and large staffs. To do what? And whatever they do or don’t do, if they fail the government bails them out using everyone’s money. Somehow this does not seem right to me. And now that we have tech to decentralize money, it is a matter of making it easy to use and to continually improve the tech as far as its capabilities, privacy, etc.”

“Not saying it doesn’t matter what crypto you own, just that I think that it will just be a matter of different degrees of happy depending on which ones you have, as long as you avoid copycat clones with no redeeming tech of its own.”

“Find a good dev on a good project with a good community. Buy and HODL. Contribute however you can and in some months it is a good chance you are making the money. Do not focus on the price, this is chaos. Concentrate on adding value. More tech, better websites, nice usable features, etc.”

“Those that try to get rich fast, get poor quickly”

“I made my money from working hard, not investing (other than buying 1% of DRK for 10 BTC). Working 100hrs per week for 30 weeks, thats a lot of hours and many years ago when I was selling my talents to companies, I was making the $100/hr so this working of thousands of hours is worth a relatively large amount. Also the companies are begging me to work for them, so they are of course making a lot more than they are paying. Crypto is changing the world for better and now I am only working for food and Starbucks, but still I end up making a similar amount as when I was just selling myself. I am so much happier to be helping the crypto world than the corporate world and to end up with more money, well this is unexpected surprise”

“Maybe you have not known this about me, but I am not money motivated. I have given away millions of dollars of crypto to further the cause. Money to me is like a data structure. It is there, it is useful, but I certainly wouldn’t be changing my philosophy to get more data structures. If I need more money I just make more, so it is no a problem for me that consumes time. Granted there was a time when having enough money was quite critical for survival costs, however the moment I stopped worrying so much about money, then it stopped being a problem”

“I rarely leave the house, so no worries about buses running over me. I only access internet via my privacy Server. Still, I also am constantly relocating to stay ahead of the black helicopters”

“It is not a zero sum thing at all. It is possible for a new participant to gain, while all the pre-existing participants also gain. This is due to the value of networks being proprotional to N*N. The bigger the network the more each addition boosts everyone else and the more the new participant gets, like a snowball rolling down the mountain”


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