25 – Market: Comments on 2017 Bull Run

jl777 comments on ATH during the bubble of december 2017:

     While marketcap is a nice affirmation by the market that what we are doing is appreciated, to my mind it is not much more than that. Nothing really has changed other than the daily improvements to the codebase, websites and all other areas. THAT is what matters and it is just a matter of time for the market to catch up to it, and as markets do it will overshoot, correct, oscillate, etc. Best not let external events like that have too big an impact either way or you end up as a manic depressive.

The real goals of user adoption is now within reach, but we are not there yet. So for me it is just another day of crypto market insanity at least getting a little more sane about KMD. And our CMC position is pretty much where it has been for many months. Now if KMD rose to top 10, that would indeed make me proud. Not about the specific valuation, but that KMD would be in the top 10. Objectively it appears KMD has what it takes to be a top 10, we just need to do what we are capable of and it should be a matter of time.

To all those that are critics of how me do things, maybe it is time to notice that most all of what I have been saying is coming true. And just because you have money, doesn’t mean the best path is to spend it. We are spending where it makes sense and not spending where it doesn’t make sense. Maybe our sense is not 100% correct, for that I apologize, we are after all human and can’t be perfect.

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