32 – Market recognition and Technology are still distant worlds

The blockchain space is still very very early and one of the proofs is that most shilling articles, marketcaps and crypto guru are still completely oblivious to fundamentals or real world utility. You can stay under the radar for a long time, especially if, like Komodo, you don’t have a large promo budget. It’s necessary to continually improve all areas until it won’t be possible to ignore the elephant in the room.


What would be the estimated yearly cost for Komodo to get masturbatory articles published for things that have already been done by Komodo? I’m about sick of seeing all the circlejerks of “we’re awesome because we’re going to do what someone else already is doing”


A lot. Cointelegraph is like 5k a sponsored article. Other sites a little more or less

@blackjok3r you joke, but I about would consider giving up ever coin I own for Komodo to get its due.
“Look at me, next year I’m going to do a worse job at what the guys everyone ignores has been doing for years”

People promote what they’re invested in. Marketcap wise there are way more people invested in various vaporware tech than in Komodo. It will be an uphill battle to get recognition, no matter what is accomplished here.

@ComputerGenie it was a lot worse a year ago and much much worse before then. Truth is they know about us but keep their mouths shut to prevent losing their own followers, feigned ignorance.

ffs, if I read 1 more article about how great 3 DEXs that don’t even function are (while never even mentioning BarterDEX) I’m going to puke.
@polycryptoblog I agree that it was “worse” a year ago, but Komodo was also “less” then too. The things that have been done on, and with, Komodo in the last year are incredible by any standard.

You can spent all day here and not keep up with what has happened.


They can’t deny us forever. I remember meeting Julian Hosp and discussing atomic swaps in Texas, at the time @siu completed the first Doge to Eth swap. Couple months later during the Komodo meetup he does some retard tweet about being the first to do atomic swaps with Ethereum, called him on his shit. That’s the TenX guy

Teams of other coins are burning millions on trying to accomplish things that we here do on a tuesday community effort. No wonder we are not mentioned as competition. They need to justify their millions being burned. […]
The problem with atomic swaps is that the marketing is misleading.
On-same-chain token swaps are easy.
And that is what virtually all coins that claim to do Atomic Swaps do.
Cross-chain is a whole different beast. […]

@polycryptoblog at Auckland Blockchain Meetup I had told Andreas Antonopoulos about BarterDEX and its Atomic Swaps tech, and while on the stage he still mentioned that there is no working atomic solution yet to his knowledge.
Soon after his talk I approached him and asked why he still said so, where I explained to him the working progress of BarterDEX, and he said the issues like Transactions Malleability aren’t yet solved to his knowledge.
I’m not much sound on my blockchain internals and its issues so I asked him to explain tx malleability in layman terms and then told him that, to my knowledge, it’s fixed in BarterDEX tech.
That evening I sent him couple of links, and the next day asked if he got a chance to take a look at those…. he’s a busy man I agree, but I only understand they all are either Bitcoin Maximalist or Ethereum or just not really being updated themselves with new updates on the tech solutions.

He is a BTC maximalist, or at least from every vid I’ve seen him in

From that point of view, I believe many must have possibly discarded to look at Komodo Platform tech, thinking it another shitcoin in the crowd. But they can not avoid it as long as the work done by the dev team keep progressing and making it even better by every single hour!

BarterDEX sidesteps the malleability issue by requiring you show your utxo before starting the swap and then waiting for confirms during the swap, and checking to make sure you didn’t spend the payment in a way not agreed to, and extracting the secret needed to spend your half.

Yep, but I can not force anybody to look at the links and read and change their mind. I can only let them know and leave them alone to their opinion.
I do not expect any high influencer to say the name of Komodo until some naturally organic big marketing thing happens.
Which is becoming a big chance every day things happens the way it happens in our project here.

CZ did.
Which is a start

Those I think are still very tiny things… but still good

Think Volcano Eruption to picture how it will go down with Komodo

It is like pressure building in the tectonic plates. All we can do is continue to improve things in all areas

Later Andreas also mentioned Komodo working on Atomic Swaps tech in one of his Q&A video on his YouTube channel, mentioning it just a basic Atomic Swaps tech…
He still thinks Lightening Network is the only advanced and ultimate Atomic Swaps tech there can ever be.

The markets don’t reflect tech, that’s the sad truth. If they did, a ton more people would have the same reaction to Komodo now that I did over a year ago … “This is some neat shit, actively doing things, and something I can’t pass up on”.
I realize that to a certain extent I’m as bad as the BTC maximalists in my view of Komodo’s place in the space, but I will never not be able to see that this is a great thing.


I go rarely to local Bitcoin and Blockchain Meetups. I honestly look for a good technical opinion from people about Komodo Platform. From those who are technical sound. My way of talking on the subject is not to offend other projects and also not to just talk about what project I’m in.
I’m genuinely interested to hear a good criticism about Komodo Platform.
After all I have my life savings holding in Komodo Platform and I am spending my Career and my Identity being attached to Komodo Platform (either directly or indirectly). Nothing will give me more pleasure to see a technical unbiased criticism of Komodo Platform. But I never got much of a response on this subject by the people I met in person.

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