33 – Praise for Miketout (Verus)

jl777 said:

    …Nothing-at-Stake solution puts Verus into the elite league of crypto tech innovators.

The creation of an algo that is more hashrate/watt effective on CPU than GPU, that was the sign that Verus had some very capable talent. But to solve Nothing-at-Stake so fast, almost as an afterthought (it seemed to me), makes the Verus future very bright. We can be confident that no matter how the crypto landscape changes then Verus will be the one making the changes that others have to adapt to.

I thought a simultaneous Sapling release with Zcash was crazy ambitious enough (I didn’t even attempt to do it)

I know for non developers it is very hard to differentiate from a “dev” with a large twitter following vs one that can actually develop working blockchain tech, so I try to help by pointing out that, from my view, Mike Toutonghi is the most capable dev in crypto that I have worked with. The scary thing is that he is still in his learning curve stage of the first years in crypto. No matter how good of a dev you are, it simply takes a few years to fully get up to speed as there is nothing else like the blockchain and decentralized consensus is VERY difficult. So difficult that you have coins with billions of funding abandoning decentralization in favor of mostly centralized systems.

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