34 – The “ecosystem” of Komodo

jl777 explains in Discord how all projects built with Komodo benefit from each other:

As a non-developer I love learning what I can from you guys. You always have super informative and helpful discussions! Does anyone have info regarding runtime forks and what benefits they offer to the ecosystem? Thanks in advance, friends πŸ™‚

A runtime fork is an independent chain that uses the same komodod binary. Coins like VRSC and PIRATE are just two such.
VRSC’s lead dev already integrated Sapling among half a dozen other technical advances and this codebase will come back, so it will then be available to the other runtime forks.
PIRATE is an all z-address chain and it is getting an external infrastructure in place to support all z-addr environments and, once that is done, other coins in the ecosystem benefit.
Each new project in the ecosystem adds some unique value and the entire ecosystem then gets the benefit of this, directly or indirectly. It is called ecosytem for a reason.
We have many coins that are mined coins, that creates a group of miners in the community, who when asked have helped chains that got diff stranded to get back to normal difficulty.
I could go on and on and on… I guess it is like having a diverse group of people in the same general area. What benefits does that create?
Unlike in the Bitcoin world where the Bitcoin maximalists call all altcoins as scams (creating a hostile and combative environment), I believe that all Komodo based projects can be an asset to the entire ecosystem. Of course, some will revert to the hostile ways and not contribute anything at all, but so far we are seeing the vast majority of projects helping each other out as they can. The spirit of cooperation the Komodo ecosystem has is quite a wonderful thing and, of course, without it, it wouldn’t be a thriving ecosystem, but rather a scorched earth battlefield that we see in many parts of crypto.
Just look at all the tipbot rain that is happening

That’s incredible! Thank you for taking the time to explain this in such a succinct way. It sounds like this approach is maximizing the benefit from comparative advantage and enforces a culture of generalized mutual reciprocity. I’ve definitely noticed just how positive and cooperative the vast majority of people are in this ecosystem and this information helps to demonstrate why.

We don’t have any official guidelines about this, it is just a natural outcome of the tremendous people in the community. Even people not directly involved with any specific coin, might one day have an idea, the next day someone else does a test using that idea, then one thing leads to another and we get PIRATE. Spontaneous coin creation.
So while other projects aim to raise lots of money to attempt to solve a single specific problem and then spend months, or years, maybe solving it or not, Komodo likely already has something that can implement whatever the funding was raised for and it just takes a few people with the initiative to pull it all together.

What a wonderful example of spontaneous order! Having observed the Komodo ecosystem for a while now, it really seems (from a non-technical perspective) that innovation is ballooning in a seemingly exponential way.
When you describe these technical advances made by runtime forks as “coming back” and “made available”, are certain advances made compulsory for future runtime forks due to their advantageous nature, or does individual runtime fork customizability take precedent?
I hope my phrasing there is accurate (or at least clear d:). Thanks again for sharing such helpful information πŸ™‚

At the source code level, a runtime fork can become a source code fork, then when the source code is merged back, it can be a runtime fork again. All the non-core GUI also would directly or indirectly apply open source.

That’s fascinating; I feel like I’m always playing catch up with the excellent information you and the rest of the team provide (a good problem to have). Going to take this new knowledge and apply it to future research about the ecosystem! :Komodo:
Looking forward to contributing in what ways I can \o/

Thanks for your support!

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